Looking for a Great Hostess Gift?

Honey, Honey…

Sorry, we're out of honey for this season, but our girls (the bees) are working hard on the next batch. Visit us here later in the season for the honey status, or call or email us to reserve a bottle. The next batch will be here late summer. Available in 8 ounce jars.
8 oz  $8.00

Sweet or Spicy Pepper Relish

Take our special fall Pepper Relish with you. Harvest colors and our signature taste. Available in 8, and 4 ounce jars. Ready to ship to you today.
4 oz  $4.50, 8 oz  $7.00

Cucumbers at their best

Looking for something other than wine to bring with you? Take our Bread & Butter, Savory & Sweet, and Dill pickles to your get-togethers. They play nicely with cheese, spreads and crackers, and more. Available in 8 ounce jars. Ready for your pickup or shipped to you.
8 oz  $7.00

Train your sweet tooth...

To prefer excellent chocolate! We recommend our dark chocolate truffles with red and dessert wines. A simple dessert solution. Rich and elegant. Made to order in Espresso, Orange, Raspberry, and Jack Daniels. Other flavors? Just ask.
6 oz  $9.50

Special-order cakes

Rum Chocolate Cake. A chocolate cake with rum in the mix and a rum-and-sugar glaze. Not recommended for children's parties.
8" x 8" $15
9" x 13" $25
Bundt $40

Gift Baskets

A selection of Sweet Sisters pickles, relish, honey, truffles, and cookie bites, plus an assortment of teas and crackers to complement, all packaged in a beautiful (and of course reusable) basket ready to be presented to your favorite hostess, relative, or loved one. A great way to say "Thank you" or "I love you" or just "So glad you're my friend!"
$55.00 each, delivered in the Greater Boston area

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